Back Pain and Sciatica

Back pain is a very common complaint that we see at the the clinic. And one which we have a lot of success treating.

If your injury was by way of bending over while picking up something or from a sporting activity, you may have injured any number of different tissues such as cartilage, ligament, disc. You may also have involved the sciatic nerve which may give you symptoms which go down your leg.

It is important to get the injury assessed by your Osteopath as soon as possible so as to prevent further damage.

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You may also fee your posture is effected, you may look crooked or bent over, this is usually caused by muscle spasam within the area of damage

Patients present at the clinic with symptoms that include, sharp pain, burning or throbbing pain, shooting or stabbing pains. These can be either intermittent or constant. Sometimes patients complain of pins and needles or tingling sensation.


Or what we call referred pain; this is where it may travel through a nerve to a different location from the sight of injury such as seen in some cases of Sciatica.

Some patients may have a simple spasm. This might have come on due to sedentary work practices, postural problems or sudden movements that trigger the surrounding muscular structures to protect the site of injury by going into spasm. It sometimes is a combination of all of those reasons. The net effect is, pain on different movements, with or without a reduction of overall range of movement.

So how can we help

What do we do in the Osteopathic Life Clinic is to lessen your pain and discomfort and help you move forward. We are a full service provider and will work with you in getting back to full health.

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