Neck Pain

Neck pain effects so many of us and quite a number of these types of problems can be easily sorted out. There is help, and it is here at the clinic where we try and find the cause of your discomfort. It is our training as osteopaths that give us the skill at working on the human body with our hands and the success at treating our patients.


The type of symptoms you might feel could be any of the following: sharp pain, burning or throbbing pain, and shooting or stabbing pains. These can be either intermittent or constant.

Sometimes patients complain of headaches, which can come from a number of tissues around the neck and the upper thoracic spine.

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Neck pain is manageable, and can be lessened.

It is important that if you feel neck pain you should have it properly assessed by an osteopath to discount any major problems and receive prompt care. This can give you long lasting health.

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There are many reasons that can be the source of increased neck stiffness. Biomechanically it might be from changes in your posture, such as. rounding of your shoulders and a forward leaning posture. The effect of these not only bring on pain but also in some cases wedging of the vertebral bodies. Less chronic problems can be due to muscular tension, sleeping in a draft or uncomfortable position


Pain down the arm, tingling sensations, pins and needles, and numbness could be a result of injury to the neck. This may be due to compression of the nerves, which exit the cervical spine (neck). As mentioned above, it is important if you feel a high level of discomfort to have it properly assessed by an osteopath to discount any major problems and receive prompt care.


How we help lessen your pain and discomfort is simple. First, your practitioner will take a full case history; this is where he or she will ask questions about the injury or area of concern.

Following this will be an assessment to find out what structures are involved and if it is deemed acceptable to treat. In some cases, it may be necessary to refer you back to your GP or other professional.

Your practitioner will explain their findings and with your permission treat accordingly. A treatment plan may be discussed to get you back to full health if the problem is acute or chronic.

Within the treatments you receive at the clinic there can be several different modalities used to improve your health and the injured area. Treatment may include soft tissue techniques, as well as mobilisation and manipulation of joints within the body. Additionally, Osteopathic Life Clinic offers cranial osteopathic techniques.

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