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The Clinic first opened its doors in December 2010.

The main aim of this clinic is to deliver the best of Osteopathic care for your musculoskeletal problem. The clinic prides itself in being able to offer a number of different modalities which cater for conditions effecting both young and old alike.

Osteopathic medicine has and is being used as an effective way in treating both recent and long-term symptoms of pain. Many patients will come to the clinic with low back or neck pain however it is not all we treat. We examine acute and chronic musculoskeletal problems and can refer you to specialists or a local GP if  necessary.

Our profession prides itself on getting to the cause of the problem, our principles are grounded in looking for the health in a person and trying to engage with it.

The individual vitality of the person, and understanding the type of dysfunction, is how we access the individual treatment used that will balance the patient allowing the system to come back into a position of well being.

All Osteopaths working with in Osteopathic Life Clinic are registered with Irish Osteopathic Council which regulate Osteopathy in Ireland.


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