Coccydynia or Coccyx Pain

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Coccydynia is quite a debilitating condition for people. The causes can be from a fall,  the birthing process and in some cases, surgical procedures.

The generation of pain can be  caused by several factors; these are from dislocation of one or more of the coccyx bones, to ligament and muscular strain. Sometimes patients might also suffer from referred pain; this is pain which comes from another site distant from the point of felt pain. An example would be pain that is felt in the coccyx and in fact is being generated in the lower back.

The symptoms can vary from person to person and can include tailbone pain when sitting down. In some cases, the pain may disappear on its own. If the pain does not subside, patients will come to the Osteopathic Life Clinic for an assessment and treatment.

For further information on coccydina please see the following video About Coccydynia

What to Expect on Your Visit

How we help lessen your pain and discomfort is simple. First, your practitioner will take a full case history; this is where he or she will ask questions about the injury or area of concern.

Following this will be an assessment to find out what structures are involved and if it is deemed acceptable to treat. In some cases, it may be necessary to refer you back to your GP or other professional.

Your practitioner will explain their findings and with your permission treat accordingly. A treatment plan may be discussed to get you back to full health if the problem is acute or chronic.

Within the treatments you receive at the clinic there can be several different modalities used to improve your health and the injured area. Treatment may include soft tissue techniques, as well as mobilisation and manipulation of joints within the body. Additionally, osteopathic Life Clinic offers Cranial osteopathic techniques.

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