The following testimonials are from patients of the clinic in 2014


Duncan a 33-year-old Kitchen Porter and Musician, presented with acute low back pain.
Number of treatments 2

I went to see Nicholas at the Osteopathic Life Clinic with really bad back pain that I got from lifting stuff at work. I was in a lot of pain at the time and could not walk properly, it was really bad I was bent over to the side and I had pain going down my leg. Nicholas explained what had happened to the muscles and what he could do, and importantly for me, how long it would take to get back too work. I was completely sorted in two visits. Thanks allot Nicholas have a good one.


Ronan a 10-year-old schoolboy presented with a Tic at the clinic.
Number of treatments 2

I brought my son Ronan, age 10 to Nicholas at the Osteopathic Life Clinic, as a last resort, and on a recommendation from a friend of mine.

Ronan had a tick which was giving us some concern, as he had it for over a year, which would cause him to flick his head to the left and also to roll his eyes. In addition to the tic he also felt a clicking in his neck, and subsequently had started to turn his hands and arms in to gain relief.

Initially as parents, we felt if we ignore this and give him time, he will ”grow” out of it. But he didn’t and the longer it went on, the more tic’s seemed to develop.

So, as I said we brought him to Nicholas in Osteopathic Life Clinic. Nicholas spoke to us and then to Ronan, in a very calm, caring, and professional manner.
He treated Ronan for approximately an hour and a half for the first session. He made Ronan feel very comfortable, along with my husband and I. I cannot tell you, the change it made to Ronan. After the treatment, Ronan was initially very tired, he slept for possibly 2 hours after, but 98% of his tics disappeared, I know this sounds unbelievable, but it is absolutely true. We could not believe from one session using Cranial Osteopathic techniques, the improvement in Ronan.

We had a follow up appointment which lasted an hour, and haven’t felt the need to return. But should the need arise, I will definitely feel very confident with Nicholas looking after us.

I have no hesitation in recommending Osteopathic Life Clinic to anybody, who has any concerns for their child or themselves.
As far as we are concerned this treatment was a complete success for Ronan.
Mary, Dublin

Georgina is a 37 female who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
Number of Treatments: 9

I was first treated by Nicholas at the Osteopathic Life Clinic when I felt quite unwell after being treated for Breast Cancer for the previous 9 months. I had been through 4 months chemotherapy, followed by a mastectomy followed by 3 months of radiation and chemotherapy together. I was cancer free but my body felt toxic, my skin seemed allergic to everything and highly reactive and I was carrying excess weight which may have been causing some back pain that I was also experiencing. More then anything, I felt a mental anguish over thinking “is this it ?, am I stuck like this?” It was a scary place to be after all the hope I had had during my treatment, the hope that I wound feel well again. The first thing I will say is that I felt Nicholas was looking at me as a whole taking in all my different symptoms, aches and pains and advising accordingly. He recommended a radical diet change involving raw food only (with the exception of cooked eggs) which would allow my body detox, he recommended a light daily exercise plan which would assist in my recovery and he also gave me some cranial Osteopathic treatments. I totally accepted the challenge Nicholas gave me and I am so very glad I did. At the end of my treatment period, my mojo was back with my smile, I had lost all that weight, my skin was better then it had been in years and most importantly I felt I had got back control of my body. I will be forever grateful to Nicholas for his wisdom on my journey.
GEORGIE Waterford

Stephen a 45 year old professional from Dublin
No of Treatments 1

I went to visit the Osteopathic Life Clinic after hurting my back, it happened while working at home gardening, I was lifting something and felt a tweak or a sharp sensation in my back like a muscle tear. I could feel the pain immediately at the side of my back, it hurt more when I was breathing in and did not go away. After a couple of days I decided I had to do something about it. I had heard of an Osteopath locally who I was told could help. I made an appointment as soon as possible with Mr. Flood at the clinic. After taking notes and personal medical history, he examined me and found a Rib out of place, and treated it. Relief was immediate, and I have not had any trouble or pain since. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicholas at the Osteopathic Life Clinic.
Stephen, Dublin


Neil 28 year old Civil Servant
No of Treatments 2

Hi Nicholas,

Just a quick email to thank you and give you an update on how my back is.
I am still walking 3 times a week and doing the exercise’s that you gave me.
For the last 2 months or so I havn’t had any issues with my back.
It used to hurt after a round of golf but I’ve played a few rounds now and havn’t had any problems.
I had been seeing a chiropractor for 2 years and hadn’t seen any progress but after my 3 visits to you I am finally seen improvement.
If any of my friends have back issues, etc, I will be recommending them to you.
So once again, thanks very much for all your help.

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