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Here at the Headache Treatment Clinic we have success in treating  patients with chronic headache types. Our treatment is non-pharmaceutical in nature.

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Many people suffer from headaches. Often, the headaches  are short lived; however, for some people head pain can be chronic and debilitating. Osteopathy is a highly effective system of treatment for headaches, as tensions in the body’s tissues as well as poor posture, is often the cause of head pain.

An osteopath is able, through using soft tissue release and manipulation, as well as through advice on posture and ergonomics in the workplace, remove these tensions and postural imbalances thereby curing the headache.

In a fairly short period of time an osteopath will be able to tell you whether they can treat you or if you need to be referred to somebody else for further investigation. The British Medical Association’s guidance for general practitioners states that doctors can safely refer patients to osteopaths. Osteopathic treatment at the clinic includes biomechanical assessment as well as cranial osteopathic assessment. Our practitioners are also qualified in nutritional evaluation and can help with dietary assessment.

When you visit the clinic for your appointment a thorough case history is taken as well as a musculoskeletal assessment. This will help identify whether you may have a tension type headache or migraine. Assessment of your temporomandibular joint is done, to discount bruxism or teeth grinding or jaw clenching, which can lead to dysfunction of the masseter muscles and temporalis muscles.

Cranial Osteopathy

Looking at the cranial component is an especially important part of the osteopathic evaluation in migraine sufferers. It is believed that dysfunction of the sphenobasiler symphysis and temporal bones are common in migraine headaches. Judicious and well-timed institution of manipulative treatment of cranial dysfunctions may terminate and even pre-empt a migraine attack

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