Please note the fee scale is not fixed, and does have allowance for certain groups within society.

Osteopathic Consultation E60.00, sixty minute consultation including treatment.

Osteopathic Treatment E50.00, forty five minute treatment.

Cranial Osteopathy Consultation E60.00, forty five minute consultation including treatment.

Cranial Osteopathy Treatment E50.00 thirty minute treatment.

Orthotics for Consultation E80.00

Each pair of Orthotics E200.00

[h4_underlined]Ergonomic Analysis (Please call the office)[/h4_underlined]

Package 1: Eleven hours from start to Report stage, this will depend on how many employee’s.   E880.00

Package 2: This will be eleven hours plus two additional hours per employee. Sub Total E1040.00 +E160 per employee

Package 3:    This will be eleven hours plus three additional hours per employee, plus Two one and a half hour lectures pre and post study. Sub Total E1120.00 + E240.00 per employee.

[h4_underlined]Q&L coaching (Please call the office)[/h4_underlined]

[h4_underlined]Winning in Life Seminars (Please call the office)[/h4_underlined]