Osteopathy and Children

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 Working for your child’s future

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Donal Sheehan, urbismodo@gmail.com

In Osteopathy, we believe the body works as a unit, and that there exists a reciprocal relationship between the structures within the body.

There has been significant research into the effects of stress on the child during the birthing process. These physical stresses can lead to health issues later on, such as glue ear, and strabismus.

With the use of Cranial Osteopathy we can guide the body back to normal function. The vitality of children is quite strong in early years, introducing Osteopathy at this stage can be an advantage, and can show great long-term results.

Their are always times where we can work towards the perfect goal, and do the best we can. In the end spending the time to develop a strong foot hold in both mind and body can allow them to walk forward into there future, with a smile.

To Book an appointment please call Mobile: 087 669 7474

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