Food Sources For Zinc


[h3_underlined]The Following are pretty good sources for Zinc[/h3_underlined]

The EU recommended daily intake is

15 mg for men

12 mg for women.

An additional number of benefits of including Zinc in the diet are seen in wound healing, immune system as mentioned in the BBC article and prostate function as well as skin health.

Zinc value in milligrams per 100 gram serving

Oysters                  148.7  mg Ginger-root                       6.8 mg
Hazelnuts              2.4  mg Garlic                                  0.6
Pecans                    4.5 mg Whole wheat (bread)     0.5 mg
Brazil Nuts             4.2 mg Buckwheat                       2.5  mg
Almonds                 3.1 mg Whole wheat                   4.2 mg
Walnuts,                 3.0 mg Rye                                    3.2 mg
pumpkin seeds      7.5 mg Oats                                  3.2 mg
Lima beans             3.1 mg Black beans                     0.4  mg
Split peas               4.2  mg Green Peas                    1.6  mg
Turnips                    1.2  mg Parsley                           0.9   mg
Potatoes                 0.9  mg Carrots                            0.5  mg