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[h4_underlined]Cold Buster[/h4_underlined]

Tis the season for a cold, or at least it is more common at this time of the year, this maybe for a number of reasons, less activity more stress, different demands being made on us, children going back into the petri dish of live that is School, returning with tales of wonder and a sniffle. Less sunlight and drops in temperature, a whole host of different reasons.  These boil down to reflecting immune competency, vitality and levels of physiological fatigue


So what can we do to live comfortably with this seemingly annoying inconvenience? Firstly I would change our opinion to the Common cold, and see it as a very beneficial body system.  I would look at my cold as an expression of my immune system getting in shape.

Colds are common in our society and there is no known cure, because the Cold is the cure, to what ever as invaded your body. It is a response to a threat, and it is an incredible mechanism.


Viral infections can usually start with fatigue, inflammation, possible fever, headache, followed by mucus discharge and a cough. There is always a set of criteria which usually range’s in severity as well as discomfort, and can be reflective of both increased potency of the cold along with decreased vitality of the person.

Most people find it an inconvenience, god knows I did when I used to compete, I remember training for a US Championship one year, I arrived to the location which was Louisiana and met some old friends who had been involved in Competitive shooting over the years, one friend Cathy who was and is a great shooter was being supported by her mother who worked as a School teacher…. And yes she came virus and all, I ended up on day two with a terrible cold which played havoc with my scores. From then on I called her mum Typhoid Mary, however the problem was sorted by better preparation the following year, this included better food stuffs and Herbal remedy like Echinacea, this would negate any possible side effects of meeting Cathy’s lovely mum.

So inconvenience, I know well, it is this I know from practice, that to try and work on a number of areas that can boost my immune system, while at the same time lessening the effects of immune depleting factors are just as important.

[h4_underlined]So how do we Support our immune system.[/h4_underlined]

The immune system and your metabolic system works well with a diet that is rich in Natural foods, these include your fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.


Exercise, as well as combination eating is important. By combination eating, I mean the use of foods to help the digestive processes, an example of this is the use of Oranges after salads which can help in the absorption of Non-haem Iron which is the Iron that comes from vegetables as opposed to red meat. This can be great for the more mature of us where metabolizing food stuffs has become harder.

Exercise for its cardiovascular benefits.What are the cardiovascular benefits ? Cardiovascular fitness is a major factor in the Body’s Natural ability to eliminate toxins through the Skin, the Lungs and the Lymphatic system.

Food that helps to break down Mucus through protein digesting enzymes like bromelain that is found in Pineapple, this can be helpful for sufferers of Pneumonia, and bronchitis.

[h4_underlined]Natural Remedy [/h4_underlined]

A well-known Natural remedy is the use of Garlic and Ginger root, this can be used for both staying a cold as well as when you have an active cold.

There is a remedy that uses the following ingredients

  • ½ clove of Garlic
  • 7 slivers of Ginger root (grated)
  • Dessert spoon of fresh lemon
  • Dessert spoon of Honey
  • ½ glass of hot water


This cure it is believed came from a Benedictine monk. The preparation is pretty straight forward, you crush up the Garlic and put it in the glass, follow this with grating into the glass the ginger root, put in your fresh lemon and honey, follow with your hot water and let it sit for 30 minutes. Then stir add a little more hot water to heat to taste. Then drink with all the little bits. Some people will take two a day for three days; don’t be upset if people will not speak with you as much or take a shocked look on there face, when you greet them.


Enjoy the cold it will not last forever, for any one concerned please contact your GP for further advice.