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Gravity gets us all down, but at least it is kind in most cases, and takes its time, this time is the essence of age.

We have all heard the saying we are what we eat, garbage in garbage out,,, With increased age there are a number of things which we at the Clinic can suggest so as to boost needed micro-nutrients.

What does growing old mean ? this is varied, and is dependent on a number of our individual life experiences.

There is no doubt that the body requires a certain input to work properly. This includes oxygen, food, rest, exercise. However with in each of these there are unique milestones which should be met.

They are not difficult to attain, but just take some time to learn. It can be fun, and an enjoyable subject.

Osteopathy and Naturopathy believe in the body’s ability to heal, and to engage with these healing mechanisms we need to look at where our vitality is, and if needed increase it.

Changing metabolism’s, need different diets, so as to allow absorption of needed micro-nutrients, so as to catalyze our Natural vitality.

What do we bring to the table and how do we eat it, can we lessen some of the negative foods ingested, to effect conditions like Arthritis, or Rheumatoid Arthritis, or IBS or Prostate Problems, not unlike using Garlic and ginger-root to beat a cold. Naturopaths believe that we can have a positive impact on a number of conditions through proper Nutritional assessment.

A person who has early onset of Arthritis should not have to curtail their movements but should learn how to move better, and use positive exercise techniques, to elevate contracted and weak muscles.

At the Osteopathic Life Clinic we have a philosophy that all people are equal and that our patents bring with them there own unique problems which demand their own Unique treatment and advice. Osteopathy has been seen to be beneficial for the treatment of Arthritis and the release of stiff joints. At the clinic we feel that Nutrition, and hydro therapy is one of the great tools to combat a host of different presentations.

We also can tailor your diet to include benfical food types, which can elivate in some cases arthritic pain, patietnts may also use cetylated fatty acid topical cream to lessons symtoms.

Osteopaths at the Osteopathic Life Clinic will always insure that patent seek appropriate medical advice and treatment alongside any Osteopathic treatment, and will refer back to the GP if a problem is not suitable for Osteopathic treatment.

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