Low Back and Hip Pain

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Treating back pain does not have to be painfull

Back Pain

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Low back and hip pain effects so many people, this is unfortunately due to the simple facts such as Bipedal ambulation, gravity, postural effects and change in living tissues.

Their are a number of factors that can put us in a position of tissue weakness and can eventually lead to  a traumatic injury. It can be something as simple as diet, too much of one thing while not enough of another. It may be a weakness with our Core Strength.

Core Strengthis a term that relates to our muscular structures and their supporting physiology.  The more common low back pain can be derived from bending over to pick up a child, or as my father did, picking up his slippers and can involve a number of structures which are within close proximity to each other. These include the vertebra, as well as their joints, the deeper back muscles, nerve roots, inter-vertebral discs and other tissues.

Hip Pain

Hip pain has been seen to be a significant driver of pain today. It can present with varying levels of discomfort. Some times Hip pain can give the sufferer the impression that it is low in the back, or just to one side, it may be felt around the front of the groin area.

What we at the Osteopathic Life Clinic do is to investigate the cause, treat the Symptoms, and work with the patient to both lower their pain and develop a program to reach optimum health. Its not difficult, its Osteopathic Medicine.

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