Recommended Exercises For Patitents

Do not do these exercise with out guidance from you Osteopathic Life Clinic practitioner

The following are recommended exercises for patients. They are divided into a system of design put forward by Meier involving the premises of reciprocal relationship of human tissue. This falls inline with the Osteopathic medical principal of the body working as a unit and that, every thing is connected.

If I was going to advise any one doing a stretch I would advise the person to do it deliberately, do it slowly, think about the movement symmetry, and last but not least breath in and slowly out. At the end of the out breath relax and feel the improvement in range.

A common mistake when people stretch is to do it quickly. When stretching you should hold a stretch for approximately 15 seconds. The tension which you feel when stretching a muscle should not be above 4, this is taking it that 0 is no tension and 10 is the target muscle at tearing point, do not go higher then a 4.

Low back pain   click on the image

Illo PSOAS Stretch

For Lower Neck and Upper Back Click the image

Neck and Upper Back