Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

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Conditions associated locally with the shoulder pain include trauma by way of fracture, tendon rupture, dislocation, muscular tear. In overuse conditions such as bursitis, tendinitis, capsular sprain.

Signs and symptoms associated with shoulder pain include shooting, sharp, burning, throbbing, or stabbing pains that can be either intermittent or constant. You may also get referral (pain which travels further from source) pain to the arm or back, it may also move to the neck. You may also in some conditions feel numbness in your fingers, pins and needles, tingling or weakness in your arm.

Some of the conditions include shoulder impingement syndrome this is where the tissues surrounding the course of a nerve or group of nerves can compress the same nerves leading to symptoms mentioned above.

If you suffer from a limited or restriction of movement of the shoulder; this can be a symptom of a condition called frozen shoulder. This is where the capsule of the glen-humeral joint shrinks. It is important to see your Osteopathy to have this assessed so as to improve the range of movement of the shoulder through Osteopathic treatment techniques.


The use of Osteopathic techniques to treat a number of conditions has been seen to be be clinically beneficial to patients suffering from some of the conditions mentioned above.

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